Home Extension with Bi-Folding Door

Fantastic Extension & Renovation project finally completed after some delays due to COVID-19. Many clients look to square the rear of the property off by adding a small extension and making the internal part 'Open plan'. What was once a long and narrow kitchen and a small dining room that was separated by an internal wall, has been extended out, renovated and transformed into an open plan kitchen/diner, with a lovely snug lounge area which all opens up onto the lovely back garden through bi-folding doors. See photos from start to finish below.

Massive thank you to Jason Boswell & Sue Boswell for letting me tackle this project. You were a fantastic couple to work for.

May 2020 (22 photos)

Landscaping - New 'No Maintenance' Front Yard

This tired old front yard has been tranformed into a no maintenance space with a contempory look the owner is now proud to show off. We simply ripped out the old garden, installed the foundations and timber frame, finished off with grey slate slabs, granite cobble stones, artificial grass and decorative stones.

May 2020 (8 photos)

General Extensions

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Landscaping - Patio & Garden Transformation

A great patio and garden transformation completed this week. The old 2 tiered existing patio was removed to create a single levelled area right through and has been linked into a stepping stone pathway leading to the back gate. We also removed the old tarmac in the front garden and created a safe pathway to the clients front door.

January 2020 (10 photos)

Landscaping - Raised Garden

Our latest project that we completed last week. This beautifully landscaped area was achieved by turning a large sloping pile of mud into a 2-tiered open plan garden. Regardless of the bad weather and muddy conditions we managed to finish it in 5 weeks.

The garden design we worked off consisted of feather edge fencing to match the existing and a set of steps to show off both sides of decorative stone and sleeper wall retainments. Once you get onto the 2nd tier of the garden you have a lovely walkway with large planting areas either side of you as you walk onto your open plan patio area.

The raised planter towards the back of the garden surrounding the large 'Grey Slate Limestone' patio will add colour and beauty to a well designed garden.

Thanks to the home owners for putting their trust into me to undertake this project.

November 2019 (13 photos)

Landscaping - Exterior Wall and Gateway

This garden wall and gateway project was commissioned to match the existing garden wall. With limited reclaimed bricks available we blended in the front of the wall to match the garden walls design and used a brick match on the back panel. We then replaced all the blue header courses with new bricks and as you can see, the end result is fantastic.

October 2019 (4 photos)

Landscaping - Indian Stone Garden

Beautiful 'Kandla Grey Indian Stone' garden transformation recently completed. We started with installing a brand new fence to the rear of the garden and also new concrete panels and fence panels to the left and right sides by reusing the existing posts. We then removed all of the turf, soil and tree stumps in preparation for the new planter and patio.

We installed the Indian Stone and pointed it with a basalt coloured 'Easy Pave' jointing compound. Then completed the patio with a golden gravel edging.

After 4 weeks of hard work we can finally hand over this beautifully completed garden to the owner.

October 2019 (15 photos)

Landscaping - Garden Transformation

A beautiful garden transformation completed using 'Sunset Buff' natural stone and pointed with 'EasyPave' in a Basalt colour. This garden's unique design from the Circe stone sets and edging pieces, to the circular raised brickwork seating area really shows what fantastic things you can do with limited spaces. Scroll across to see this stunning transformation take place from start to completion.

September 2019 (18 photos)

Landscaping - Indian Stone Patio

Beautiful 'Kandla Grey' Indian Stone patio completed today with a Stone Grey Resin pointing, Grey Slate edging and Timber Sleeper retainment. After 12 days of hard work the owners can finally get their garden furniture out and enjoy the summer sun in their new paved garden space. Scroll across the photos to see this beautiful transformation take shape.

(10 photos)

Landscaping - Garden Wall Planter Project

This raised patio area has steps leading up and the surrounding curved wall (with planter top) cleverly creates just enough shelter for the owners to enjoy their outdoor space without feeling too enclosed or exposed. The traditional slate paving makes a great contrast for a beautiful looking finish.

(9 photos)

Landscaping Projects

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