Bathroom Renovation

Another beautiful bathroom renovation completed. We started by removing the old bathroom suite and a small wall that separated the main bathroom from the toilet space. We then took the room back to bare brick to completely transform and renovate ready for the installation of the new suite. Everything in this bathroom has been designed beautifully to have the toilet space no longer separated from the rest of the bathroom and it looks incredible.

August 2019 (9 photos)

Chimney Removal

This project involved the removal of a chimney breast that took far to much space up in the kitchen, this job was fairly simple as their was no chimney breast above it and it was not attached to a neighbouring house. Great transformation, this will soon be ready to have the new kitchen installed.
*I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is dropping a chimney breast* "ALWAYS ASK FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE"

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French Door & Window Switch

This project consisted of removing a large french door that was currently in a downstairs bedroom, and a window that was in a dining room. We simply removed and re-used the existing door into the new opening and installed a new window and bricked it up using bricks from the demolition. A great transformation for the home owner.
*Please seek professional help when making any sized openings*

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